Everything begins and ends with our Founder, but THE TEAM he constructed works like a well oiled machine. The dedication and practice that THE TEAM puts in both in and away from LKSD is paramount. Each brings their own individual talents and unlike most understand their weaknesses and work hard every shift to practice the craft. This all didn't happen over night, they all worked hard, and practiced, yes actually practiced to get where they are today. They all trained for 3 months before opening and continue to train every day. LKSD provides mandatory training seminars to further our aggressive approach to learning ways to make the customer experience more than memorable. 

All the hard work we do is for all of our guests. My staff understands what it means to be in the hopsitality industry and that "We are defined in life by what we do, not by what we front"... We are trying to create better experiences for our guests and understand that we have to better ourselves in order to achieve that. Myself and my Team thank you for the opportunity to serve you. You have forever helped and us to become better in every way... CHEERS!!!