MJE Beer Tasting #7 - Neapolitan Dynamite


Just Two Guys Talking Beer @lksdkitchen

This episode #7 Marc @drinkeatsocial & Joey taste and break down Stone Brewing Neapolitan Dynamite Imperial Stout 8.5% ABV


Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez / Abnormal Beer Co / Stone #NeapolitanDynamite: an imperial stout brewed with chocolate, vanilla, strawberries and @MostraCoffee. Keep an eye on @find.stonebrewing in the coming days and weeks to see where to track it down near you. Winners of our annual @HomeBrewAssoc competition, Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez took their base recipe and partnered with @AbnormalBeerCo and us to bring it nationwide. This decadent 8.5% stout is straight from the freezer to your glass.


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